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My Old Links

Dear Diary - Writings of my mind at age 18

My Old Music Blog! - My old music blog with an outdated 'about me' section and interviews

Favorite Artists - A shrine dedicated to my favorite bands

Myspace Quizzes - Fill-in Quizzes for My Myspace Profile

yupthatsme (2016) - Old website archive

yupthatsme (2017) - Old website archive

My Old 'About Me' Page - My old interests, hobbies, etc.

Super Wicked Fashion

Delia*s / Alloy Scans - Baggy, skater summer fashion for the girls and boys

Delia*s Summer 96 Catalog - Girly and tomboy casual wear from the hottest teen catalogue

Alloy Fall 1997 Catalog - 1997 skater/ teen fashion featuring JNCO jeans, ski sweaters, and layered shirts

Alloy 1998 Holiday Catalog - Big hoodies, oversized bottoms, and graphic tees to the max

Totally Rad Personals

Paige's Home Page! - Just a girl in love with Justin Timberlake

Lil'Nikki'z Wurlz 4 Sho - Holla at ya gurl!

Amanda's Homepage - Non important info from a girl living in '99

ZAC'S Sk8 Page - Zac's homemade website filled with early South Park content, skate clippings, and music references from 1997!

Liz's Perky Page - Y2K teen memories

Jester's Virtual Site - Jester's page of misc. fun and good times!

From Slave to Superstar! - a black nurse's experience with womanhood

Long Hair Rulz - Meet Steve: the man, the legend, but most importantly, the hair.

RX QUEEN - She dreams in pixels

portaltodreamland - INACTIVE

World WiDe Web Tools

Backgrounds - geocities screensavers from the late 90s

Angelfire Backgrounds

Angelfire Buttons

Huge Blinkie Collection!

Darkest2000 Graphics Sets

Jan's Graphics

Everything Needed To Build or Enhance Your Website

88x31 Buttons

100+ Dividers!

50+ Sassy Blinkies

Blinktastic Blinkies

V's Blinkies and Animated Gifs Collection

Sebray's Blinkies

Dollz and Uniques

Ghetto Fabulous Dollz

Tasha's Cartoon Dollz!

Dollz Revival

Dollz Palace: Where Cartoon Dolls Live

Easy Doll

Heaven's Kisses

Random Assortment of Dolls

Dolls + Blinkies

MSN Avatars

Dolls with Quotes

Pop Culture Goodies

Elliot Smith Fan Page

Hello Kitty Fansite

Weird Cinema: Old Horror Movie Site

Spongebob Fansite 2004!

Teen Entertainment D.C.

GTA: San Andreas Original Webpage

Ebony Media Source

The Bronksman's Midi Jukebox

Bowling For Soup: 2000 - 2005

Skate to It: Rollerskating in Northwest Florida

Optical Illusions 2

Feral Square: All About Cats

Hamster Mania

Olivia's All-in-One Kids Site!

A Girl's World

Spunky's Chubby Sims

Real Life Issues

Anti Racism Project

Rock Against Rape Article (1993)

Anti Racism Project

AID Memorial Website