I will always love you, but we're not compatible together. I feel as if I am putting too much into this relationship. You did come clean to me and say that you're afraid to show emotion and you're scared to afraid that you love me, but you will never lose me because of those things. Just because we love each other doesn't mean that we're meant to be. We have different needs and wants that are not compatible. I would love to latch onto hope, but holding on worsens the pain. To move on, I have to convince myself that it won't work. I know deep down that it won't, but that will never change my love for you.

I love you.


Today, I decided to be financially responsible by buying a prescriptions savings card for my medication instead of going to the movies. Is this what responsibility feels like? I could've bought a cute pair of pants with those $32 dollars, but now, I'll be saving hundreds of dollars on my medication per year that can go towards more clothes! I went to the thrift store last week and bought The Matrix and Mrs. Doubtfire on VHS, a pair of heels, and tons of shirts. Yet, I still have the urge to shop -- sigh. I'm going to mall to redeem my free Chick-Fil-A coupon of eight chicken nuggets. I feel somewhat ethical eating from there since it's free...


I'm enjoying some free time by myself at Barnes & Noble in Atlanta. I don't know what's in the air, but there's so many cute guys here tonight lol. I have finally spotted a soft boi in real time; they really do exist! I was supposed to go the skate park with my friend, but she had a family emergency and couldn't go; I was gonna head out by myself but injured my nail and palms while roller skating around campus a few days ago, so I gootta let that heal. Other than that, I got an internship at my local bookstore! I'm so excited to start working because I reallly love their mission and the proximity to campus as well, haha. How much better can it get? Well, I ought to complete my entry because my finger is sore from getting a split nail. Hope to write soon!


The dining hall needs to keep it up. I'm working on some homework in the library. Today was my first day back to school. I finished last semester with a 3.78 GPA which I'm proud of. I didn't know that my school graded on a plus/minus scale, so imagine my disgrief when I realized I didn't have a 4.0 LOL! This semester, I'm taking Modern Philosophy, French, and a few other core classes. I've been applying to internships and I have an interview with local business in a few days. Lunch was good today; perhaps it's because of the change in management. So far, so good. I can't waaiiit to go to the park and try out my Moxi Skates on Friday!