I'm at my local Starbucks listening to Brockhampton, of course. I decided to go out by myself so that I can become more comfortable being by myself in public. I usually take a friend with me when I venture into Atlanta or the city where I reside, but I think that depending on someone else to have "fun" is detrimental. I've always had a problem with being alone, but now, I actually like it. I don't mean in the lonely sense, but meaning that I'm okay with goung out by myself. One perk is that I can listen to my music in peace; that's a great benefit. I also am listening to Tyler, The Creator and wow. I slept on him so badly and I'm so ashamed. "Flower Boy" and "Igor" are masterpieces and I totally agree with the criticial acclaim he's been receiving. Tyler's music will, without a doubt, stand the test of time. Like, wow. He's such a talented artist; I'm in love!


I had a great Thanksgiving break. I traveled (fully) by myself for the first time without any help at all, and it went really well. My antidepressants are truly working although it's hard to notice if I don't analyze my progress. Looking back at all of the stuff that I've done these past few months -- traveling by myself, going to stores alone, ordering food, volunteering to present on the first day of presentations in class, roller skating in public, getting my homework done early, etc. Wellbutrin is giving me my motivation back. I no longer want to sleep all day and do nothing; I want to work on my homework and go out and be productive!! Join clubs!! Volunteer!! Get a job!! Speaking of jobs, I applied to a few and heard back from some although I'm probably gonna have to decline since they're too far away. Hmmm, I totally forgot to talk about Thanksgiving! Well, I visited my grandma and I miss her a lot. I want her to move to my area because she's getting older and doesn't deserve the stress that she's going through. She's just so sweet and I feel sooo sad when I have to leave. I bought her and my mom a lovely Christmas gift that'll bring us closer together. Christmas...I did my shopping early and I bought myself a lot of presents haha. I bought three pairs of vintage flare jeans, stickers for my laptop, Moxi skates (so that I can be a true sk8r girl now), a North Face fleece (thrifted, of course), and a few other clothing items. My mailbox is going to be so full lol! wWell, I think that's the gist of everything happening in my life so far. I can't update as regularly due to college -- wait, does anyone even read this???