Vital Stats...

Screen Name: cybercorrupted
Age: 18
Country: USA
Occupation: Student
Intended Major: Philosophy
Zodiac Sign: Gemini


Music Genre: Alt Rock
Artist / Band: Nirvana
Guilty Pleasure Band: Korn
Show: Spongebob
Subject: History
Book: The Handmaid's Tale

Activity: Going to the skatepark
City: New York City
Season: Winter
Holiday: Christmas
Weather: Rain

Shows That I Watch...

The Amazing World of Gumball
Star vs. the Forces of Evil
We Bare Bears
The Loud House
Raven's Home
South Park
My 600 Pound Life
Shark Tank

Bring It
Deadly Women
Forensic Files
Unsolved Mysteries
The Rap Game
The Wayans Bros.
Fear Factor
MTV Cribs
Pimp My Ride
TRL (old)

Youtubers That I Enjoy...

Kurtis Conner
Denzel Dion
Luke Alexander
Empressive Channel
Scary Mysteries
Criminally Listed

Cherished Musicians...

Pearl Jam
Nine Inch Nails
Alice In Chains
Led Zeppelin
Blink 182
Green Day
New Radicals
Elliott Smith
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Whitney Houston
A Perfect Circle
Mariah Carey
Rex Orange County
Mac Demarco
Cosmo Pyke
Lil Peep
The Temptations


Listening to / making music
eBay Shopping / Thrifting
Record Stores
Collecting old tech
Bad tik toks
Collecting lip glosses
Pop culture
Political / Social advocacy

Parks / Skateparks
Exploring big cities
Instant photography
Studying history
Learning about other cultures
Memes / Reaction Pics
90s / Y2K aesthetics


Hateful people
Social media

A Little Bit More Personal...

Hello! On the internet, I go by cybercorrupted. I'm an 18 year old girl from New Jersey who loooves studying history, the old web, and of course, browsing Neocities. I am a college freshman and will be (hopefully) double majoring in Political Science (leaning towards philosophy now) and Human Rights. I really want to work internationally - kinda like a foreign service agent or a human rights advocate or lawyer. That's what I tell people. In reality, I want to be a musician, namely a vocalist. I am in love with singing and writing lyrics while I daydream about being a small indie artist. Even if I don't pursue music, I have my website as my little impact on the world. I have an itch to impact the world in some way, and that stems from wanting to impact the world.

This website was started by me due to my admiration of early web design and the late 90s / early 00s. Being born in 2001, I never had the chance to truly relish in the primitive era that made the web, well, the web. My site mixes the simple html aesthetic of late 90s web with way too many 2000s graphics. After a few unsuccessful attempts to find a host that connected users together, I found and choose Neocities due to the freedom that Neocities gives creators and the social aspects of the site. I love how Neocities is a blast from the past, but also uses modern features to create the best of both worlds! My website is a safe haven for me to sink into whenever I need to relax. Thank you so much for visiting, and please remember to share and bookmark this page!

Fun Facts


Song you listened to:: "Brother" by Alice In Chains

Song that was stuck in your head:: "Boredom" by Tyler, The Creator ft. Rex Orange County, Anna of the North, Corrine Bailey Rae

CD you listened to:: "Unplugged: Alice In Chains" by Alice In Chains

TV show you've watched:: CNN News


Searching for:: N / A

If you were a crayon, what color would you be:: Black

What should you be doing:: I'm free for once!

Do you believe in true love:: Yes

You like anyone right now:: Somewhat...

Is it more common for you to follow your heart or your mind:: My heart

Last thing you spent money on:: medicine

:: Last Updated: 12/6/99 ::