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This site was created on: November 20th, 2016.

This site was on: November 27th, 2018

Welcome to this pile of idk-what-im-doing. My site has been been through a major rehaul as I found my old layout repulsive.

IMPORTANT: My computer was giving me a hard time, but honestly, it was needed as I took a well deserved break from here When will I be back? If I get a computer for Christmas, sooner than later. I've been to NYC, started the 12th grade, etc...there's so much to update on! My 'journal' page was on 7/27/2018 with more info. My video page is slow loading, so please be patient. I'm not trying to purposely slow you down. The mobile version works best. Geez, I sound condescending.

About Me!

Want to learn more about me? This page is filled with fun facts, trivia, and info about the webmaster!

Here we are now.. (music sub-blog)

Here lies my sub-blog dedicated to music, particularly rock music. Whoo!


Here is where I overshare - I mean, express my thoughts on the world. Journal will be updated weekly at the least and will include poetry, song lyrics, etc.

Youth Years

Basically is a tribute to the 2000s, my childhood years....will feature videos, graphics, 2000s based posts, reviews, and the like....


Instant photography from an amateur photographer. All shots are taken with a Polaroid One-Step Close-Up 600 Instant Camera.

My Music Page

A mini-blog filled with tributes to my favorite artists, music reviews, shrines, and more!


Vintage-era videos ranging from the 50s to the 00s...well, with the occasional newbie ;). Includes infomercials, tv shows, commercials, toys, etc.... all in glorious 144p!


Old updates, dollz, and whatever comes into mind.

My Favorite Graphics

A collection of my favorite blinkies, dollz, graphics, awards, banners.... most aren't made by me and I take no credit from the ones by others :))


Awards bestowed upon me and awards collected from the early days of the internet (PARODY)


Feedback, fan mail, and general inquiries can go here. Please sign as needed- it's open 24/7 :D

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