New York City Rush Hour:

During a college fly-in program, my group
and I were able to venture out and explore midtown.
My photo accidentally came out blurry since I was moving a bit too quickly to take a still shot.
I think that the speed trail catures of the essence of NYC!

Dinner Time Cuisine:

This shot was taken at a local Chinese buffet in Southern California.
I wanted to capture one of my most visited restaurants, so I chose to highlight a chef at work!

Concourse B in the Delta Terminal:

I was eating my lunch and got a great view of the planes and workers outside of the Atlanta airport.
I love the fuzzy, warm tone that this picture has.

Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles:

I went to the Walk of Fame and captured this picture right in front of the Jimmy Kimmel studio, I think.
This was my first time visiting during the daytime which was great for shooting!

Greek Games Statue; Barnard College of Columbia University, New York City:

I took this one either during a campus visit or my fly-in program.
Barnard used to have games against the freshman and sophomore classes each year, but it's a special event now.

Hard Rock Cafe, Los Angeles:

Stopped here for a bite to eat while participating in a function.
The outside reminds me of old movie theaters. Very good food, but the prices are WACK.

A View From Above: The Clouds

After almost two years, I finally shot an expired photo.
This was taken flying above the southeast while flying to Atlanta, Georgia.
Only half of the photo developed; the brown is dried up paste.

Resting Stray Cat

While visting a local garden, this stray cat began following my friend and I as we walked around the area.
Sadly, the cat had fleas so we refrained from petting it.
It was really friendly and had vibrant yellow eyes not evident in the polaroid above.

Tommy Trogan, USC

The unofficial mascot of The University of California in Los Angeles, California.
I visited the school due to an extracurricular trip.
Here lies Tommy Trojan, a popular meeting spot for both students and visitors.
He's life-sized, ladies (and gentlemen).
Note the expired film residue in the left-hand corner.

Stray Cats Hotel

It's a family traditional to feed the stray cats that reside near my great grandma's porch.
This March, I started taking care of seven to eight strays, some who are semi-feral and some who are possibly former pets.
All are tabbies and domestic short hairs.

Splash Mountain Ride: Anaheim, California

Taken during my senior graduation trip to Disneyland and Magic Kingdom in May of 2019.
Splash Mountain Ride which features seats up to 5 people in bumper rafts.

Disneyland Carousel: Anaheim, California

King Arthur Carousel located in Fantasyland.
I did not get to ride on it, but a little kid was entertained by it so I guess that it has some potential.