A Little Bit More Personal

So, I've decided to do a more formal 'about me' page instead of simply a list. On the internet, I go by aolteen. I'm an 18 year old girl from New Jersey who loooves studying history, the old web, and of course, browsing Neocities. I am about to be a college freshman and will be studying either econ or political science. I'm not totally sold on a major yet, but I really want to work internationally - kinda like a foreign service agent. That's what I tell people. In reality, I want to be a musician, namely a vocalist. I am in love with singing and writing lyrics while I daydream about being a small indie artist. My future seems really uncertain at the moment, but even if I don't pursue music, I have my website as my little impact on the world. I have an itch to impact the world in some way, and I think that stems from wanting to prove my worth to the world, and to myself as well. My website is a safe haven for me to sink into whenever I am in having a bad day. Thank you so much for visiting, and please remember to share and bookmark this page :)