Dinner Time Cuisine:

This shot was taken at a local Chinese buffet in Southern California. I wanted to capture one of my most visited restaurants, so I chose to highlight a chef at work!

Concourse B in the Delta Terminal:

I was eating my lunch and got a great view of the planes and workers outside of the Atlanta airport. I love the fuzzy, warm tone that this picture has.

Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles:

I went to the Walk of Fame and captured this picture right in front of the Jimmy Kimmel studio, I think. This was my first time visiting during the daytime which was great for shooting!

Greek Games Statue; Barnard College of Columbia University, New York City:

I took this one either during a campus visit or my fly-in program. Barnard used to have games against the freshman and sophomore classes each year, but it's a special event now.

Hard Rock Cafe, Los Angeles:

Stopped here for a bite to eat while participating in a function. The outside reminded me of old theaters!