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I finally started to catch up on my work. I completed the work of one class, so now I'm finishing French and English on Monday and Tuesday. I guess that I was overwhelmed with all that I had to do, I kinda slacked off and procrastinated. My first year of college is almost over though. My school ends the first week of May. Tomorrow, I pick my classes for sophomore year. I guess that I'll be sticking to nursing. I'm super nervous because I don't want my GPA to suffer because of the science classes. I mean, I was never bad at math, but I struggled to maintain a 'B' or better. Stats is the only math that I can tolerate. Geometry is meh and algebra is my weakest point.

I'm sooo behind on my school work. I mentally checked out once I had to leave campus but I thought that I'd pick my mojo up. Yeah, nah. I've been sleeping until 12 PM and going to bed around 4 AM. I want to complete my work but I have an essay due, a book to read, films to watch, and discussions to complete when I want it to be May already. I want this school year to be done! I have to sign up for my nursing classes next week and I'm excited to begin yet scared of how my GPA is going to be affected. Here I am, underestimating myself. I did well in my science classes in high school, so I don't know why I believe I can't do it in college. I struggled with chem, but I still maintained a good grade. Balancing equations almost ruined Chemistry for me, but then again, my teacher wasn't the best. She was super sweet but could not explain concepts well. I'm hoping that I get a great professor....that's all.