My Thrift Hauls

Wide Leg Jeans - Basic Edition
Details: Bought these jeans on Ebay after watching them for a while. Boys section.
Came with original tags, never worn.
Similar to Unif 'X Jean'.

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" cassette single
Details: Used "Teen Spirit" cassette.
Fully tested and plays beautifully.
Packaged with original sleeve, significant fraying.

Hitclips Music Trivia Player
Details: Hitclip player ft. Sugar Ray, produced between 1999 - 2003.
Plays all micro music clips and is loaded with 1,000 pop trivia questions

Sony Walkman WM-FX193
Details: Manufactured in 1999.
In great condition with new working headphones.
Up to 25 hours of continuous playback and up to 55 hours of FM radio!

North Face Fleece Jacket
Details: Lime green North Face fleece - in perfect condition
Bought at Goodwill (ATL area)

"Millennium" by Backstreet Boys
Details: CD of"Millennium" by Backstreet Boys featuring linear notes
In great condition with no scratches / skips
Perfect for the 90S tWeEn in me!

"Underneath the Stars" by Mariah Carey
Details: Mariah Carey's "Underneath the Stars" CD complete with linear notes
Bought at Goodwill in ATL

"Pretty Hate Machine" by Nine Inch Nails
Details: Complete CD with lyrics inside the linear notes!
Bought at Goodwill in my town

"Musician" Magazine ft. Nirvana
Details: Now defunct 'Musician Magazine' featuring Nirvana as the lead editorial
Published October 1993
In great, vintage condition with all pages attached
Bought via eBAY