About Me


Hello, welcome to my site! I'm a 21 year old girl who is currently on a journey of self discovery and fulfillment. I am a junior in college completing a degree in Public Health and Nursing at Emory University. I am currently enrolled in my first year of nursing school.

I spend my free time discovering what I like, dislike, and who I am becoming. As a person who had a not-so-typical childhood, I am reparenting myself to expand my current cognitions of myself and the world. My current discoveries include that I love being outdoors, shopping is a huge weakness of mine (I LOVE a good sale!), I am my own best friend, oh! and I am FINALLY out of my emo phase :-)

I'm an avid music lover and I enjoy listening to music on my phone through Spotify or Youtube and through CDs using my radio player. My favorite artists include Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Silverchair, Tyler, The Creator, Lil Nas X, Luther Vandross, Brockhampton, Digable Planets, New Radicals, and Elliott Smith. My favorite music genre is 90s alternative. I enjoy finding new music on Spotify and collecting CDs of my 'best of' music list around metro Atlanta.

When I am not in school (that is, when I get the courage to attend), my hobbies include watching new movies at the movie theater, visiting cemetaries and archiving for Find a Grave, shopping for the cutest and latest clothing, inline skating, volunteering for nature non-profits, polaroid photography, and reading new (and old) books. My hobbies have shifted drastically since I began healing, so expect this list to change frequently as I venture out!

This website was created due to my admiration of early web design. Being born in 2001, I never had the chance to truly relish in the primitive era that made the early web such a unique time in history. A a teenager, I was obsessed with 90s culture, especially technology. As a young adult, this website is updated as a tribute to my own childhood and teeange years, years that will soon be considered nostalgic for a new generation. Thank you so much for visiting, and please remember to share and bookmark my site!


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